29 October 2019

Agic Innovation arrives in Artificial Intelligence world: let's welcome our innovative startup!

Artificial Intelligence is experiencing an unprecedented boom: in the last four years, the number of companies that have adopted it has increased by 270% and has become a priority in business growth processes.

In this context in great expansion, but often difficult to read for non-experts, arrives Agic Innovation, an innovative start-up entirely dedicated to research and development for applications of Machine Learning and Cognitive Tools, trying to make Artificial Intelligence useful for business needs. 

Agic Innovation is the partner for the most advanced R&D activities of AGIC Technology, and through it is at the side of Microsoft for the development of vertical applications and realizes the new solutions of Artificial Intelligence by pivoting on 3 cornerstones:

  • Technological Development
  • New Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Employment of Young Talents

Agic Innovation rapidly develops proof-of-concept that test the applications of the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence systems and demonstrate their benefits to organizations, modeling solutions on specific customer processes.

Agic Innovation solutions are able, among other things, to:

  • Identify financial, process, quality or other anomalies
  • Read and transfer texts automatically, such as forms, bulletins or invoices
  • Understand and recognize types of documents, extracting metadata without the need for human operators

Agic Innovation is a innovative startup recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development that offers its research and development skills to automate repetitive activities, not very stimulating and boring for people, significantly reducing the risk of error.

Are you fascinated by the world of Artificial Intelligence? Do you want to know more for yourself and your company? All you have to do is contact us > www.agicinnovation.com


Danilo Stancato