23 June 2020

Smart Chatbots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

We continue on our journey through Microsoft's Power Platform solutions. After explaining the enormous potential of Power Automate and Power Apps, we now know the features of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, the solution that allows teams to create chatbots through an intuitive interface without having to write code.

Like all solutions in the Power Platform suite, Virtual Agents is designed to allow anyone to create integrated, high-performance chatbots that are perfectly adaptable to users' needs.

Power Virtual Agents puts the user at the helm of its bot. Companies will benefit, in fact, neither specific technical programming nor AI skills are required.

You will no longer need to use complex codes to fulfill your company's or your business' requirements and at the same time it will be much easier and faster to implement and maintain a customized conversational solution that answers specific customer questions. The most frequent problem of those who turn to chatbot solutions for the management of conversations has always been to give the impression of a product not very real and disconnected from the context, in addition to the difficulty in ensuring changes through the writing of the code.

With Power Virtual Agents these critical issues are solved, through the potential of AI and integration with other Microsoft products, with the result of highly customized chatbots that remain running and answer common questions in a few minutes.

Power Virtual Agent is a software as a service (Saas). Registering, creating the bot and incorporating it into the website will be possible in a few clicks with the advantage of not having an infrastructure to maintain or complex systems to implement.

The interface with the other Microsoft suite products is perfect and optimized with out-of-the-box integration in Microsoft Power Automate and its ecosystem of hundreds of connectors including common data service.

In questo modo l’intero processo che parte dal sign-up alla creazione della vera e propria chatbot (e alla connessione con il sistema di back-end ed implementazione nel sito, mobile app o altro) è estremamente rapido, intuitivo e fuido.

In this way the whole process from sign-up to the creation of the actual chatbot (and the connection with the back-end system and implementation in the site, mobile app or other) is extremely fast, intuitive and fuid.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is created based on the Azure Bot Framework and provides unlimited extensions and all the enormous potential of Azure Cognitive Services to create even more complex and customized scenarios.

Conversations will be extremely natural; just provide some examples of the topic to manage in the bot, build the conversation through the graphical editor and monitor the changes in real time in the preview panel.

Once launched, the bot continues to be monitored through metrics and dashboards that collect all the data necessary for a complete evaluation of the performance and effectiveness of the product. It will then be easy to identify any weak points and intervene in a few clicks to make them strong points.


Danilo Stancato