22 April 2022

April 22, Earth Day - We can make a difference!


Today, April 22, 2022, marks the 52nd Earth Day, which focuses attention on the environment and the preservation of planet Earth.

The first to be made official by the UN, on March 21, 1970, was born with the intent to raise awareness of the world on the importance of the conservation of natural resources and today manages to mobilize over a billion people and involve 193 countries. Despite this, the problems that afflict the world in which we live are many: air, water and soil pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, thousands of plants and animal species that disappear, the depletion of non-renewable resources (coal, oil, natural gas), to which are added the latest events that certainly do not help, the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine above all

This year's edition comes in a context of particular instability and fragility for our Planet. Can we really do something, both as individuals and as companies, to safeguard the environment around us? We sure can!
Last October Agic Technology joined the MICROSOFT PARTNER PLEDGE ITALY: together with Microsoft and the other partners we will be ambassadors in Italy of a more responsible technological and digital transformation, based on 4 pillars: digital skills, diversity and inclusion, responsible and ethical AI and environmental sustainability.

The last pillar therefore concerns environmental sustainability and aims to increase the transparency of the "Carbon Footprint" and develop solutions and services able to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, a service, an organization, an event or an individual. It is a clear intent, but not yet widespread at all levels in Italian companies and organizations. Sustainability, AI for Earth and Alliance for Sustainability (Ambizione Italia) are the initiatives launched by Microsoft and its Partners to raise awareness of the issue.

To this we can add the conscience of each of us, with a behavior that aims, every day, to support and carry out initiatives for the protection of the environment! Happy Earth Day to all!