16 March 2020

Digital Solidarity and Flexible Working: the greats of ICT for Agile Working

In an extremely delicate moment for the country, Flexible Working is born, an unprecedented platform that provides tools and methodologies to help companies, schools and organizations in crisis. Italian and international ICT big names take to the field.

Flexible Working is a great digital solidarity initiative available to companies, schools and organizations engaged in the not easy operation of redefining work through smartworking.

An unprecedented task force that brings together Microsoft, Cisco, Agic Technology and other partners, in the field to support the entire country in the reorganization of work through agile work tools, to ensure business continuity and amortize as much as possible the effects of Coronavirus.

The new shared platform provides users with all the resources they need to access the enabling tools for agile work and have free support channels to adopt the best solution according to their needs.


Flexible Working provides free technical, methodological and usage documentation and support. All the players involved have joined the initiative by making available their qualified knowledge, specializations and skills acquired in many years of experience in the field, with a single common goal: to stem the effects of Coronavirus by maximizing the remote working to ensure collaboration and business continuity to companies, users and partners in travel difficulty.

A gesture of digital solidarity of great impact and fundamental in this critical moment and that has seen many companies unprepared and in difficulty.

The whole tech supply chain has mobilized to make smartworking an accessible tool, even for companies and organizations that had never experienced it before, especially in such a massive form.

The tech ecosystem in the field guarantees:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Information
  • Support

We are proud to join this initiative for our country.

For more information www.flexibleworking.it