18 May 2020

HR and Management: Covid-19 emergency management


Interview with Laura Petrini, HR Manager of Agic Technology

The context of the Coronavirus represents an unprecedented moment in the recent history of our country. What message did Agic Technology Group give to its employees, how did it convey the information in this delicate moment?

There have been several messages that have been transmitted in recent months, perhaps the most representative one was "Nobody stays behind" given by one of our managers during one of the weekly Bulletins that allow you to keep all the resources of all our locations connected. Behind this sentence there is the value that has always animated Agic: people. The growth and development of a company are possible if everyone participates in their realization. It is not only the few who are more experienced or more senior to make the difference, everyone does his or her own and the goal is that it is done not by standing alone and in the best way. From an operational point of view, for every question or doubt of our resources we have created a team that responds at all times to their questions and requests for information.

Management and HR find themselves managing the distance between people. How do they manage to limit its effects?

Distance isn't bad in itself, it becomes bad when it's isolation. This is extremely important: we must prevent it from happening, at this time more than ever. We have so many tools now to work at a distance, what we try to cultivate is the culture of working together even if we are not sitting at the same table. Periodic alignments involving all the resources, virtual coffee breaks in front of the pc, photo contests, alignment meetings with the managers have shown us how you can work alone and continue to be part of a large group.

What are you learning working in emergency and full smart working?

In summary: nothing has changed, but everything has changed. Nothing has changed because we have continued to work as before, but in a totally different way. If the challenge of this period was (as it always is!!) to face change, I would say that Agic and all its resources did it in the best way!