22 October 2019

Innovate processes, innovate procurement

Innovate processes, innovate procurement” is Agic Technology's roundtable, organized in collaboration with Microsoft and FPA , on the 22nd of October from 10.00 until 13.30 in Palazzo Cardinal Cesi, Rome.

From April 2019, as provided in "Piano Triennale per l'informatica nella PA" (Three year plan on IT in Public Administration, the Public Companies can buy only AgID qualified SaaS services which are published on PA Cloud Marketplace, a digital showcase gathering all Public Administration ICT solution.

The meeting, which is  devoted to e-procurement matter, will focus on how the adoption of SaaS solutions by Public sector can help the process re-definition according to interoperability, scalability and security, and how digital platforms can support innovation process in public organizations between job area responsibles and procurement officers.

The meeting will be an opportunity to illustrate a project, successfully settled in Agenzia delle Entrate - Riscossione, about making a more efficent information and operational flux in order to save time and resources, and a useful debating moment between innovation governance managers, IT responsibles and procurement managers inside big public entities.  



h. 10.00 Guest reception

h. 10.30 Welcome greetings

h. 10.50 Cloud ed e-procurement in public sector:

• AgID speech
Paola Conio, Senior Partner Studio Legale Leone 

h. 11.20 Testimony and Technological platforms

Marco Balassi, Agenzia delle Entrate-Riscossione Chief Information Officer 
Stefano Carosi, Agenzia delle Entrate-Riscossione Procurement Manager
• Speech by Microsoft
• Speech by Agic Technology

h. 12.20 DIscussion between participant on experiences and opportunities 

h. 13.00 Networking aperitif


The event will be on the 22nd October

at Palazzo Cardinal Cesi

in Via della Conciliazione 51, Rome

From h. 10:00 until h. 13:30


If you want to reserve a seat, please write to: eventi@forumpa.it